My roots go back to high school, messing with loops on an Amiga 500 and sharing the sounds online with the other pre-internet elite. While some might say little has changed since, I did get a degree in audio engineering… and if you look closely you'll notice I've swapped out the Amiga for a Mac and added a smattering of MOTU, Roland and E-Mu. Other than that, it's all basically the same stuff: inexplicable beats.

I've had two college radio mix shows - one at Ohio University, and the other in Boston at Emerson College. "Underground 88" aired every Friday night from 2am-6am for three years and since my departure in 1997 transformed from a weekly into a daily show.

I currently call Brooklyn home, but you can catch me spinning across the water at the Limelight, Vinyl, Openair, Exit, or any number of New York City nightclubs. I hold the Limelight in high regard, as this is the spot where I was given my first dose of the jack.

I consider my sound to be firmly planted in the underground which continues to push musical boundaries. And unlike more popular music, with its increasingly forbidding constraints, mine is a style that won't soon fall victim to classification or cliché. So, on any given night, it's quite possible you'll hear me on the decks laying down some metallic mayhem, or perhaps some moodier rhythms.

I've been spending a lot time in the studio lately focusing on my current sound. Some of my work can be found on labels like NYC's Remains, Francois K.'s Clicktracks, Merrick Brown's Tektite imprint from Austin, Sweden's G-Force, and Chris Gray's Deep4Life project in Chicago.

With ten years of DJing behind me, I find myself doing shows all over North America, Europe, South America, and soon I hope, Southeast Asia. I've made a promise to myself and my fans not to forget the roots of our music. I've tried to make it real easy for you in the mixtapes and dj sets sections of my website. There you'll find a pretty darn complete history of hard techno and deep house - at least from the perspective of a native New Yorker. And with new mixes constantly in the works for consumption both online and off, you'll be pleased with what's in store.

Dylan Drazen
Verenigd Koninkrijk