dirty began in 1996 as the online home for the group underworld. you know, the usual stuff: news, frequently asked questions, tour dates, pictures, merchandising, etc., etc. the site looked sexy, we distributed some of the music free (still do), and everyone was smiling.

but then we thought, wouldn't it be cool to do something more with this thing?

six years later, dirty is not as easily definable. in the simplest of introductions, we are collection of people who are curious about the world around us, and this is our little spot within the quagmire of the modern information revolution. inside you'll find all manner of random information from college students, video game developers, truck drivers, and djs.

yes, you'll still find plenty on underworld as well.

sometimes there's very little content for you to peruse. on occasion, it can be overwhelming. what you make of it, and what you get out of it, is up to you.

Name: Scott
Email: scott@dirty.org
Website: www.dirty.org/scott
Location: Santa Monica, California
Occupation: Lead Designer, Pandemic Studios
Scott Says: "Give."

Small Bio:

As the founder and web master of dirty, Scott has been running the show at this digital community for quite some time. While you might assume that operating dirty is his full time job, this site is actually a long-term side project of a happy video game developer. While in the interactive entertainment business, Scott has been part of design teams for Black Isle and Pandemic Studios, contributing his efforts to nearly a dozen titles. When not designing games and web projects, Scott placates his consistent need for new music by heading to gigs and clubs on a frequent basis.

Scott is currently designing a project for dirty that documents life in the San Gabriel Valley of Los Angeles County.

Name: Michael
Email: michael@dirty.org
Website: forthcoming, monu.net
Location: Athens, Ohio
Course of Study: Audio Production and Physics

Small Bio:

Dirty?s other webmaster was once presented with this query: ?Does you life constantly need to be soundtracked by the radio?? Surely, the person asking the question didn?t understand Michael?s life-long love affair with music. From hosting internet mailing lists for Radiohead, DJ Shadow, and Underworld, as well as operating a radio show at college, Michael has perused his obsession with sonic expression with every available spare moment. Recently he translated this love into the founding of an independent record label, Monumental Records.

Name: Yannick
Email: yannick@dirty.org
Website: blue-berry, dreamagoria, digitala, rowla, rtsr
Location: Qu├ębec City , Canada
Occupation: designer for Blueberry Media, aggressive skating

Small Bio:

Dirty?s main graphic artist was born in Gagnon, a small locale in northern Canada (now a ghost town!) Yannick has explored all manner of visual design, from 2D design to 3D animation, using those skills to author a number of websites including the one you?re looking at right now, as well as RTSR, an online trading group dedicated to Underworld. When not skating, Yannick has been having fun at his recently founded design company. Yannick manages the majority of the graphic design at dirty, as well as the content for the Underworld section.

Name: Mike
Email: mike@dirty.org
Website: Forthcoming, rowla
Location: Reading, United Kingdom
Occupation: Retail Manager
Mike Says: "Bust You In The Face"

Small Bio:

Mike has spent most of his life in Cardiff, Wales, learning, working, and growing up. After people started noticing his pictures in school, Mike turned his photography into a full time hobby and started documenting some of the simple things in life. Collections of streetlights, blue lights, and other bits of his work are available on Rowla, an online gallery that he founded together with co-dirty conspirator Yannick. Mike is one of the content updaters on our new Underworld section.

Name: Tyler
Email: tyler@dirty.org
Website: Forthcoming
Location: Leucadia, California
Tyler Says:

Small Bio:

The undisputed authority on dance music at dirty is Tyler. To say the man lives, breathes, and sleeps techno would be a bit misleading, as you'd be leaving out dub, microhouse, and electro. The beat isn't Tyler's only focus, and when not behind the decks you can find him managing things at a well-known San Diego surfboard machine manufacturer (as well as using the product and hitting the waves on a daily basis). Tyler has a weekly live dj show on dirtyradio on Tuesdays at 7pm Pacific.

Name: Braden
Email: braden@dirty.org
Website: Forthcoming
Location: Brea, California
Studying: Computer Information Systems
Braden Says:

Small Bio:

Dirtyradio's flashy interface is the work of Mr. Braden King, a computer information systems major from Brea, California. Braden has translated his love of dance music into developing our dirtyradio.net site, an internet radio station broadcasting underground dance and indie rock music twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. While technology certainly intrigues him, it's the soul of techno that inspires him to do his own djing and music composition. Braden has a weekly live dj show on dirtyradio on Thursdays at 1pm Pacific.

Name: Tom
Email: tom@dirty.org
Website: Forthcoming
Location: Richmond, Australia
Tom Says:

Small Bio:

Tom may very well be the best human being on the face of the planet. He first drew our attention from the sheer amount of messages he was writing on our forums on a regular basis, and from there we were introduced to Australia's most prolific net character. When he's not helping us out by being our main forums moderator, he's out causing a ruckus in the streets of Richmond. Playing Luomo's "Tessio" is likely to produce a positive reaction from Tom.

Name: Minna
Email: minna@dirty.org
Website: Forthcoming
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Minna Says:

Small Bio:

Like Tom, Minna helps us out on dirty by being a forums moderator, as well as providing loads of insight on the world of music.

Name: Ding
Email: ding@dirty.org
Website: www.dirty.org/~ding
Location: Baltimore, Maryland
Current Course of Study: Art Student
Ding Says: "more awkward pirouettes in the general direction of hope + joy"

Small Bio:

Ding doesn?t just have the coolest name of all the dirty contributors. In fact, she?d like to point out that the following things are also worthy of your attention: shoes with Velcro, brackets, weird socks, boys with bangs, water, making collages, over-analyzing, spontaneous combustion, and red. She also likes to make bad music-related puns, so watch out or you?ll be in dire straits.

Name: Bene
Email: bee@dirty.org
Website: www.dirty.org/~bee
Location: Norway
Bene Says:

Small Bio:


Verenigd Koninkrijk