Bas & Ram both playing for several years already, they were asked by the management of the trance buddha, which asked them to make the club a success. within 3 weeks they were supported by hundreds of followers and well known in the entire amsterdam dancescene.
in the years following they both managed to develop their own style of mixing to a perfect climax. bas has found his sounds in clubtrance while ram loves the uplifthing beats of trance/hardtrance. Put the two together and you'll find yourself movin' on an overdose of energy, combining melody, rhythm and beats!

in 1998 they start to organize their own parties, named "eternal groovers" at the roothaanhuis in amsterdam, satisfying the growing hurdle of fans. ans when the partypeople couln't get enough there was the sundaynight at mazzo!
they also made their own party called "legends of sound" in the stedelijk museum at the amsterdam uitmarkt.

in 2001 they'll prove their even expanded- skills.
with the concept: protocol. these parties will set an example for the dutch partyscene, giving bas & ram new opportunities to grow even further and getting even more popular!

in 2000 their own sounds were put on vinyl, under the wings of "move the crowd" they produced their first album: conspiracy. end 2001 they'll launce their second: protocol! and their upcoming record "the juice" made with sybren danz (wellwicked), will be released at the beginning of 2002.

visitors of the following parties were lured to the dancefloor while they were playing: sensation (arena; 50.000 cap.), dance valley (biggest outdoor dance event), new frontier (2nd biggest outdoor dance event), i love trance (escape, amsterdam), uitmarkt (80.000 capacity).

not to mention; high energy, eye on the future, multigroove, mushroom, trancenation, energizer, i love trance, virtual- enviroment, climax, shockers, the "O" arnhem, other places that were (transformed into) a bouncing dance arena: paradiso, melkweg, marcanti, '91 '92, lexion and almost all popular and trendy places in holland!

they've really been all over the world to let others experience the sounds of the dutch dj's. england, israel, greece, germany, russia, belgium, australia, poland, portugal, italy, mexico and even brasil; bas & ram have been there!
leaving great memories behind!

and now they are up their new concept:
protocol are you too???

Bas & Ram