Family name : Astrid Walter, born on January 19th, 1974
Residency : Kremlin - Cubic / Amsterdam
Event recidency : Qontact - Various venues w/ capacity 8000+
Radioshow : Dancenet FM - Vinyl Vision w/ DJ Ton TB
Concept :Uplifting positivity, rocking your world!
Ambition :Worldwide entertainment

Projecten en Releases:
DJ Astrid - Starfever (Official Qontact Anthem 2002) / Q-Dance Recordings
DJ Astrid vs Tommy Pulse - Twinkle / Captivating Sounds
Walter Solo - Coming From Another World / Captivating Sounds
Positive Energy CD series / Essential Dance Music
RBA - No Alternative / Carnal Records
DJ Astrid - Atlantica & Future Is Now / Nutrition Records
Shade On Grey - Moving On / Liquid Recordings

From an early age, Astrid Walter - better known as DJ Astrid - has been captivated by music. Besides her daily piano lessons, listening to rock, reggae, electro and pop music was a prominent element in here daily routine. She has always been intrigued by elements of different styles and that's probably what makes her such a versatile DJ/producer nowadays.

During a short trip to Texel, she was confronted with house music for the first time. She was hooked instantly. The minute she got back home, she started collecting vinyl, hoping to play in front of an audience someday. She did just that and more. At the age of nineteen Astrid had to make a very important choice what to do with her musical career. Eventually she decided to devote her life to her music, and her choice has proven to be very successful so far. Nowadays she has found a way to balance her time in the studio, the clubs and at the one-offs. Without a doubt, Astrid is one of the most animated DJ's breathing. Her looks, her enthusiasm, and of course her remarkable talent, make her one of the most celebrated DJ's in the Netherlands. When she twists behind the decks, she brings the crowd to soaring highs, over and over again.

Ever since her debut at the VIP Club nights in Paradiso, Astrid has put her mark on the Dutch dance scene. She started out as a monthly resident at VIP Club, and guest slots at other popular clubs followed soon after. She has rocked the crowds of some of the hottest Dutch clubs, such as Stalker, Nightlive, and the Milky Way. Furthermore, she's also a festival/event favourite, as she has rocked the crowds at New Frontier, Mysteryland, Paaspop, Impulz Outdoor, Time Machine and Trance Energy, playing in front of crowds of over 30,000 clubbers. The crowd's energy is the driving force for Astrid. Their vibe fuels her mind and the outcome is an outburst of energy that bounces back and forth. In 2001, Astrid launched her fortnightly residency at the renowned KREMLIN club night, which was nominated by Ministry of Sound as 'Best International Club 2001'. She quickly found an audience at KREMLIN. Furthermore, she's the resident of the immensely popular Qontact events in Amsterdam, where she plays alongside the likes of Judge Jules, Ferry Corsten, Seb Fontaine, Tiësto, Dave Seaman, and Armin van Buuren. Besides her residencies and guest appearances at some of the hottest clubs in town, Astrid also hosts her own radio show 'Vinyl Visions' on Dancenet FM, together with her colleague and friend Three Drives - best known for his 'Greece 2000' and 'Sunset on Ibiza' releases.

Nowadays Astrid is a big hit on the international dance scene. She has already played at some of the most prestigious clubs throughout Europe, such as Legends of the Beat (alongside Sven Väth and Jeff Mills), Room at the Top in Scotland, Club Oxa in Zurich, and various venues in Norway. Many more guest slots at some of Europe's finest clubs will follow in the near future. In addition, Astrid is also one of the most beloved DJ's in Israel, where she's already being dubbed as 'the female Tiësto', and it won't be long before she delivers on that promise. She has rocked Jerusalem's super-club Haoman 17 several times now, and every time she plays there, she draws in a huge crowd.

On the production side, Astrid has been involved in projects such as RBA's 'No Alternative', Walter Solo, and Shade On Grey to name just a few. Astrid has proven to be able to put her musical thoughts to recording. She works with international labels such as Warner Music's Captivating Sounds, Purple Eye's Carnal Records, and Essential Dancemusic. Astrid's releases are topping the dance charts all over the world. With her smooth and uplifting crossover of American, UK and Dutch progressive trance and techno, she knows how to work the crowd every time! Her sound has been captured on three compilation CD's so far. Furthermore, Paul van Dyk is currently championing some of Astrid's latest releases, such as 'Always On My Mind' and 'Fire in Your Heart'. The unifying force in her music is positive energy that rocks your world. So be on the look out for this energetic lady, who's striving for worldwide entertainment.