Blank & Jones are the best example of a young generation of DJs and producers, together with names like Mellow Trax, Paul van Dyk, ATB or Kai Tracid. The two attractive young men are spinning every weekend for at least 3000 partying people and it doens't matter where if those people are in Miami or Münster, Buenos Aires or Berlin, Zürich or a very small town. The main theme is always : Party !! and all their guests know that that's why they always come together for their DJ gigs.

The two nice Germans hit the charts with their trance songs "After Love", "Flying To The Moon" and ofcourse "Cream", which not only got the number 1 position in the UK-Dance-Charts, but also brought a lot of joy throughout Europe. Their new single "The Nightfly" got the number 1 position in the German Dance Charts within 2 weeks !

The fact that "DJ Culture" is het second album of BLANK & JONES within 12 months, is something new in the 12' business and a note for the special thought of those two to put new ideas into Trance Tunes. How much people from other countries respect Blank & Jones, is shown by the intro of the album " DJ Culture", which is spoken by the Electric Legend Dieter Meier of the Swiss Cult Project YELLO.

Blank & Jones not only love the music, but they also have a pretty good life besides that. This year they were again on their truck on the world's biggest party, the Love Parade in Berlin and they also spinned for the fourth time at world's biggest indoor techno party Mayday. Names like Westbam and Marusha once started at this party.

For short, BLANK & JONES are the prototypes of the Popstars of the 21st century, who are involved with their fans, although they don't see it that way !

Blank and Jones