Robin 'Jaydee' Albers started his deejay career in 1978 as the resident dj in Rhenen, Veenendaal, Arnhem, Den Bosch, Enschede, and lots of other places. Jan Steeman of the AVRO Radio offered Robin a deejay contract in 1984 and from that time Robin started his long radio career at the national radio.

Robin started the Dutch mixing championships in 1984 and lots of deejays from then are the stars of today…DJ Jean, Michel de Hey, Erik E. DJ Gizmo, Ruud van Rijen, Orlando Voorn, Guan Elmzoon and many more. DJ Jean & Michel de Hey were very close friends during that period and in 1991 Jaydee got a chance to host a revolutionary radioprogramm called 'For those who like to groove', probably one of the most intimate dance programs of all times. Unfortunately it lasted only for one year, he received an award for the best national radio program in 1992.

After he left the national radio station Jaydee started a club in Vianen, called the 'Binnenplaats'. The music was progressive house with lots of famous Dutch/Belgium deejays that performed over there. Jaydee was the resident deejay but because of his dancefloorkiller Plastic Dreams he could not always be there, the club closed in 1994.

Jaydee was the first Dutch dj that performed in Moscow in 1992, the success of Plastic Dreams, number one in the USA, Italy, Belgium, France, Spain, Brazil, Japan and many more countries made him a globetrotter. He performed and played in lots of countries in and outside of Europe and one of his favourite countries is the Tsech Republic where Jaydee is a beloved deejay especially in Prague/Radost FX

In 1997 Jaydee was the producer of the worldwide hit Fiesta from the Sunclub, not to mention the long during number one position of Que Si Que No, 18 weeks number 1 in the Dutch Dance chart, produced by the Sunclub!!!!

His underground feelings were Karnak – Black Moon and White Rain on Tribal USA later Twisted, he played with lots of foreign deejays Danny Tenaglia, David Morales, Tony Humphries, Carl Cox, George Morel and many more.

In 2000 Jaydee was one of the founders of ID&T Radio, now on air!!!! During that period he was hosting the return of 'For those who like to groove' and managing director of ID&T Radio. Jaydee is dance, Jaydee is house with a feeling, Jaydee is progressive, Jaydee does his own thing!!!



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