Boo Williams was born and raised in Chicago growing up on the south side…where all the heavy hitters come from. Born in '67, Boo is in his mid thirties and loving every second of it. His musical expressions are inspired by the seventies era from disco to some of the best jazz he could ever listen to back then. Influences like Patrice Adams, Roy Ayers, The Tramps, Gil Scott Heron and Captain Sky - his heroes from back then.

In the early 80s Boo started to take his spinning seriously and started playing in Chicago at some of the hottest spots such as hotels like the Bismarck, Ascott, Congress and clubs like the Powerhouse, where legends like Lil' Louis, Frankie Knuckles and Ron Hardy were performing. Not long after that another person stepped up to the plate - Mr. Fingers aka Larry Heard. He set the standards for Chicago house music with hits like "A Path", "Can You Feel It?", "Waterfall", "Bring Down The Walls", "Mysteries of Love" and "A Corner Called Jazz." He is the reason for Boo making music today.

Boo Williams has built impressive old school credentials with classic house releases and relentless Dj touring. As one of the premier representatives of the Chicago sound, Boo has headlined the world's most famous clubs including Ministry of Sound (London), Fuse (Brussels), and E-Works (Berlin) as well as countless events in every major US market from NYC to San Francisco. His recent headlining set at the Homelands Festival (Ireland) saw Boo educating 40,000 students on quality house music - past, present, and future. Boo's production work ranges from tek house classics on Relief and disco based dance floor cuts on Cajual to Strictly Jaz Unit styled tracks for Ovum, Guidance and Nite Life Collective. His most recent releases, including his work for Three to Five effortlessly blends elements of all three to create a style that is uniquely his own.

Boo Williams
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