Ferry Corsten was born in Dutch Harbour-city Rotterdam on 04-12-1973.
When he was 9 years old he always listened to Ferry Maat's "Soulshow", a radio show in the Netherlands, that played the latest music and cool mixes.
When Ferry was 11 years old he get a little turntable and so he started to buy some records. Later he bought another turntable and a stereo-mixer. Then Ferry started to make his own mixes with his father's tape-deck.
Together with Robert Smit and two other boys from Ferry's neighbourhood, who had some equipment, they made their first record in 1991: "The Spirit Of Adventure EP".
With the money he earned from his first record, Ferry bought a synthesizer and he started to produce tracks on his own.
Later, when Ferry was in club NightTown in Rotterdam, he met Ronald Molendijk, the resident DJ of NightTown and also producer and label-manager from Basic Beat Records. Ronald liked the tracks Ferry had made, so some of these records were released on the Basic Beat label.
In that time Ferry also released some tracks on the Blue-label (the label from the Klubbheads).

In 1996 Ferry released a trackon the Sci-Fi label which was called: "Moonman - Don't Be Afraid". This track even came in the UK clubcharts.
After this little success, Ferry got some requests from foreign countries, to make remixes for some other artists.

In 1997 Ferry Corsten, Robert Smit and Record Company "Purple Eye" started their own label called "Tsunami". The first release on this album was the brilliant single: "System F - Out Of The Blue".

In the beginning of 1999, Ferry had some white label promo's from "Out Of The Blue", which he send to some well-known DJ's in the UK.
There was no artist-name or track-title on the white label, the only thing on the white label, was a mobile telephone number.
After one week, so much labels had called to this number, that the only thing Ferry and his manager had to do was pick out the best label.
The label "London Records" was the lucky one who released "Out Of The Blue" in the UK.

In no time "Out Of The Blue" was played on almost every radio station in the UK and every DJ wanted to have this record.
Paul Oakenfold (one of the most popular DJ's from the UK) even paid 750 Dollar to someone for a 12" from "Out Of The Blue"…

After the great success from "Out Of The Blue", Ferry was asked more and more to to remixes. So he made remixes for artists like Moby, Faithless, Matt Darey and he did a very cool remix for U2's "New Year's Day" (Still unreleased…).
Even William Orbit, the producer from the last two Madonna-albums, liked the remixes and the productions that Ferry made.
In 1999 William Orbit was busy with his own album "Pieces In A Modern Style". He asked Ferry to do a remix for one of the tracks on this album. Ferry had to remix the track "Barber's Adagio For Strings", a classic song that original was written by Samuel Barber.

When Ferry's remix from "Barber's Adagio For Strings" was released, it was played almost everywhere! Every radio station and every DJ played this remix made by Ferry. It became a big hit in lots of countries. Ferry even won the "Best Remixing Award" at the DanceStar 2000 - The World Online Worldwide Dance Music Awards.
William Orbit was so impressed by the remix that Ferry made of his track, so he asked Ferry to do a remix for another track on the album. So Ferry made a remix from another classic song: "Ravel's Pavane Pour Une Infante Défunte". This song is written by Maurice Ravel and you can find the original version on the William Orbit album "Pieces In A Modern Style".

On March 27th 2001 the System F album "Out Of The Blue" from Ferry Corsten was finally released.
On this album you can find some very nice tracks like "Solstice", "Needlejuice", "Exhale" (together with Armin van Buuren), "Soul On Soul" (together with Marc Almond) and ofcourse "Cry" and the first Sytem F single "Out Of The Blue".
Ferry Corsten showed the world again that he is a brilliant producer who can produce all kind of different musical styles!

But Ferry is not only a great producer and a fabulous remixer, he's also a very talented DJ. Ferry played in lots of clubs and at some very big parties. He played at famous parties almost everywhere around the world like Innercity, Impulz, Massive, FFWD Dance Parade, Trance Energy, Dance Valley, Hyperstate and lots of others…

Ferry Corsten