Carl Craig is misschien wel een van de meest gerespecteerde techno-producers. Als een van de weinige Detroit techno-pioniers is hij de laatste zeven jaar doorgegaan met experimenteren.

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How do you begin to tell the story of Carl Craig? Do you talk about his groundbreaking releases for labels like Transmat, Fragile, Retroactive and, of course, "Planet e?" Or do you talk about the city of Detroit and the way that Carl Craig has created his own unique and compelling vision of Techno?

Maybe we should also talk about his breathtaking remixes for artists as diverse as Tori Amos, Yello and Basic Channel. And in that case we also have to talk about Carl Craig's status as dance music's underground hero - a producer who declares innovation and individualism as prerequisites for taking electronic music forward into the 21st century.

Sometimes all this can be confusing, since Carl Craig has adopted a series of multiple musical personalities beginning with Psyche (for 1989's "Crackdown" single on Transmat) and stretching through 69 (1991's pivotal "Four Jazz Funk Classics" predicated a whole new direction for techno) and Paperclip People (responsible for huge dancefloor successes with classic singles like "Throw", "The Climax" and "The Floor"). But all around the world, Carl Craig has made a difference in the way people perceive and listen to modern music.

Take Innerzone Orchestra's percussive masterpiece "Bug In The Bassbin" for example. In 1995 as drum'n'bass hit the musical headlines, even Goldie was declaring that "Bug…" was a seminal influence on the music's development. In the same year, Carl Craig's debut album Landcruising was described as "completely ahead… futuristic, gorgeously new… a sonic travelogue built like a drag racer fuelled on abstract visions and compelling analogue/digital fusions - someday all albums will be made this way!"

Despite the myriad changes, trends and critical shifts which have occured in electronic music since Carl Craig's first release, he has consistently pushed forward challenging musical boundaries and preconceptions. His exceptional new album "More Songs About Food & Revolutionary Art" delivers further proof that Carl Craig's chosen task is to remap the future.

From the pristinely romantic electronic jazz of "At Les" to the edgily inventive "Goodbye World", this is music which offers a glimpse into tomorrow. Recorded in London and of course Detroit, "More Songs About Food & Revolutionary Art" features a rare collaboration with the legendary Derrick May (on "Frustration") together with Carl's unique creative abilities on innovative tracks such as "Televised Green Smoke", "Suspiria" and "Red Lights".

"More Songs About Food & Revolutionary Art" takes the next step into Carl Craig's beautifully-crafted universe. Welcome to his world.

Carl Craig
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