Sanity – I wondered where mine had disappeared to while enduring a 34 hour bus ride cross country to Montreal, Quebec. Sleep deprived thoughts consumed my mind while I repeatedly tried to maintain composure sitting millimeters away from the passenger to my left. A sore back, full bladder and a never-ending growling stomach – what is worth this agony, one might ask. I can proclaim with great confidence that a certain festival that occurs annually, in a city that is commonly known for its ethnic culture and diversity was worth every agonizing moment.

For Suzanne's complete coverage of the festival, click here.

tiNYliTTLEeleMENTS -Ex CentrisBiosphere - Ex CentrisNocturneMusee Just Poure Rire - Bar RoomNocturne HallwaysNocturne in the LightLe PlacardPommasl - Nocturne 2Robert Henke - Nocturne 2Metropolis Line-upMetropolisMetropolis - StageMonolake vs nAnalog - MetropolisAtom Heart - MetropolisAtom Heart 2 - MetropolisLucien Luciano - MetropolisLucien Luciano 2- MetropolisMathew Jonson - MetropolisGallopierende Zuversicht - MetropolisGallopierende Zuversicht 2- MetropolisPiknicParc Jean-Drapeau - PiknicParc Jean-Drapeau 2- PiknicLuciano and Serafin - PiknicMe Working at Piknic (low resolution)LucianoSerafin and Luciano - PiknicStephen Beaupre - PiknicPier Bucci - PiknicThe Crowd - PiknicDancers - PiknicMutek Kid - PiknicThe boys love Montreal -PiknicDancing into the Night- PiknicNightscae - PiknicNocturne 3 - 2nd FloorDirewires - Nocturne 3Vertex- Nocturne 3Nocturne 3 - 3rd FloorDiane Labrosse - Nocturne 3Gnter Mller and Diane Labrosse - Nocturne 3Bruno Pronsato - Nocturne 3Apparat - Nocturne 3Tim Hecker - Nocturne 3Klimek & Tim Hecker - Nocturne 3PanTone - Nocturne 3Pheek Vs. Off the Sky - FinaleMelchior Productions - FinaleSoulPhiction avecfeat. Suzana Rozkosny - Finale