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Naast alle muziek die er op Sònar te horen is, is er ook veel aandacht voor kunst. Sònar presenteert een wandeling door landschappen in de 21e eeuw.

SonarMática presents Randonnée (A Walk Through 21st Century Landscaping)

Thanks to digital art, abstraction has returned to the contemporary creative scene. SonarMática, Sónar’s multimedia area, analyzes the margins of actual possibility of landscape through new media.

Starting with new expressions of figurative landscape representation; capitalizing on the possibilities of digital media and the latest developments of increased reality; taking into account the investigations undertaken in the field of virtual architecture; and the tridimensional treatment of data flow on the datascape scene; we find a wide range of variables that articulate the possible space of 21st century landscaping.
Landscape is, again, a reference that cries out for rediscovery inside the magma of the digital revolution. A look that makes its presence known in advertising, graphic design, contemporary videocreation or in interactive art and that invites us to recreate as many worlds as possible.

Randonnée (A Walk Through 21st Century Landscaping) shows by means of different sections the expression of this new landscaping at the beginning of the 21st century, from its more figurative declensions to the more abstract. From architecture to data, from reality to virtuality.

Section I :: Figurative landscapes
Urban or panoramic natural landscapes continue to be the object which many contemporary artistic expressions set out from, in a clear line of continuity with the landscape painting tradition.

Section II :: Built landscapes
Representations and visions of the urban mental state. Fragments of established urban iconography paradigms used to analyse the built imagination of the cityscape and to criticise and express the observation, vision and emotion of the state of the city.

Section III :: Increased landscapes
New maps which superimpose the physical and invisible using technology as interface to classify, dissect and label the world that surrounds us.

Section IV :: Data landscapes
Disciplines of diverse origins converge in datascapes, e.g. scientific visualization, information design and software art. What's more, its greatest masters inhabit an interdisciplinary space.

Conferences and various presentations will round off the programme of this event.

Selection of artists Section I:
Scanner/Katarina Matiasek (UK)
Echo Days

Carl Michael von Hausswolff/Thomas Nordanstad (SE)
Hashima, Japan

Yi-Zhou (CHI)

Rachel Reupke (UK)

Leo Obstbaum/Miguel Marín (ARG-ESP)
Beyond Identity



Dietmar Offenhuber (AT)

Lotte Schreiber (AT)

Emily Richardson (UK)

Semiconductor (UK)

Thomas Köner (DE)
Suburbs Of The Void

Mira Calix/Sam Tootal (UK)
Little Numba

Röyksopp (NO)

Fotel Folyamat/Yvette Klein & Jan Höhe (AUS-DE)

Bliss/Pleix (SWE-FR)

Kid 606/Pleix (US-FR)

Jon Wozencroft (UK)

Selection of artists Section II:
Joan Fontcuberta (ES)

Sophie Gateau (FR)
I Love Paris

Dagmar Keller/Martin Wittwer (DE-CH)
Say Hello to Peace and Tranquility


Alejandra Salinas and Aeron Bergman (US-ES)
El Prat (Belén 5)

Duncan Brown (US)

Hannah Leonie Prinzler (DE)
Wege (paths)

Alex Haw (UK)

Selection of artists Section III:
Michelle Teran (CA)
Life: A User’s Manual

Jeremy Wood y Hugh Pryor (UK)
GPS Drawing

Peter Gomes (UK)
Here, Here and… Here

Matt Frondorf y Second Story Interactive Studios (US)
American Mile Markers

Brian McGrath y Mark Wattkins (US)
Manhattan Timeformations

The Degree Confluence Project (US)

Richard Fenwick (UK)
RND#04: Economic Growth

Selection of artists Section IV:
Ramon Guardans/Dolfi Mathias/Enrique Tomas (ESP-DE)

Marcos Weskamp (ARG)

Jonathan Harris (US)
10x10: 100 words and pictures that define the time

Marcos Weskamp (ARG)

Martin Wattenberg / Laura Wattenberg (US)
Baby Name Wizard Voyager

Airtight Interactive (US)
Flickr Related Tag Browser

Risc (DE)

Ben Fry (US)

Josh On, Amy Balkin, James Cronin (NZ)
Greenpeace CLEAR

Ben Cerveny y Max Carlson (US)
State Machine


  • Ro


    23 May 2005


  • Chris


    23 May 2005

    Ja man die GPS art! te grappig! tjek die site ook:

    "House hunting contributed to many of the loose tracks made over London.
    Mostly I cycle through the city with the GPS receiver in a bag on my back.
    I try to avoid commuting in the rut when possible.
    Initially I navigated without maps and relied on my unreliable sense of direction.
    It's becoming increasingly challenging to find new avenues, and I’m getting a reputation for being late."

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