For this number 9 the French label “Modelisme” based in Marseille, releases the new “Electronic Data Processing” ep called “So close, so far”.

For this time Sebastien Bromberger & Laurent Cristofol, after having explored the deepness of their music, have decided to change their uses and leave their minimal funky techouse style. They propose two orientated techno tracks containing two different feelings showing a darker or a more powerful side of their music.

On A side, a light rock music fragrance flies on the title “So close, so far” which mixes a progressive groove, electrotechno influences, a massive metallic sound with dark effects, suggesting an alternative, but still sexy attitude, ready to touch hearts and minds on the dancefloor.

“Dancing in the woods”, on B side, with its minimal mood, develops a combining between dark and warm textures, strange voices and dub effects. Built on a darkish and repetitive groove, it shows easily the perfect way for an hypnotic trip!


  • AcidCasual


    29 July 2005

    yezyez geen minimalere klanken dit keer maar wat n dikke-vette-diepe-beukende plaat is dit!hehe

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