sasha fundacion nyc 13-06-2005

“Fundacion NYC is a snapshot of my recent residencies in New York and LA. It captures the spirit and the sound of Fundacion the night.”

Sasha’s Fundacion residencies at New York’s crobar and LA’s Avalon have been part of an overall renaissance in club land. He’s been able to experiment with a revolutionary new DJ set-up that began with his ‘Involver’ album, which was released through Global Underground a year ago.

“Involver was my experiment with Ableton, my remix project. It really pushed the capabilities of Ableton in the studio.” Explains Sasha, “Fundacion NYC captures what I can now do with Ableton in a live capacity, this is my mix album”.

Created over a period of months, ‘Involver’ utilized the Ableton computer mixing system. It inspired Sasha to ditch the traditional Technics decks and CD players and take Ableton on the road. To do this, he and a technician friend worked for months creating a bespoke, state-of-the-art mixing console that Sasha has nicknamed The Maven. This one-of-a-kind custom designed controller, along with Ableton Live software and an Apple G5, enables Sasha to sample, loop, layer and re-edit live in the booth and has transformed his DJing. “It’s like a live performance every night,” says Sasha. “It’s the ultimate DJ experience.”

CD 1

  1. Badger - Rise of the machine
  2. Adam Johnson - Four squares
  3. Swayzak - Another way (Richard Davies remix)
  4. Beanfield ft. Bajka - Tides (C's Movement #1) (Carl Craig remix)
  5. Kosmas Epsilon - Innocent thoughts (Stel remix)
  6. Funk D'Void - All that matters
  7. Closer Musik - One two three (Ewan Pearson remix)
  8. Phonique ft. Alexander East - 99 & a half (I:Cube remix)
  9. Holden & Thompson - Come to me (Last version)
  10. Holden & Thompson - Come to me (Club mix)
  11. M.A.N.D.Y. - Jah
  12. Playgroup - Behind the wheel (DJ-Kicks Electroclash remix)
  13. Freeform Five - Electromagnetic (Tiefschwarz dub)
  14. Closer Musik - One two three (Ewan Pearson remix)
  15. Andre Kraml - Safari (James Holden remix)
  16. Freaky Chakra - Blacklight fantasy
  17. Goldfrapp - Sweet harmony (We Are Glitter remix)
  18. M83 - Dont save us from the flames (Superpitcher remix)