Modelisme is a french label based in Marseille and managed since its creation in april 2001 by artists and producers Sebastien Bromberger & Laurent Cristofol, also know as Electronic Data Processing (Mosaïc, Neuton Music, Wicked Music, Obsession Music..).

Since the first release, Modelisme gives to its productions a minimal way oscillating between hypnotics sounds and groovy house.

Joining Kompakt in 2003 for its worldwide distribution, the label always standed by a certain integrity and got successively of the exits an eulogistical reputation from dj’s of various musical horizons (house, techno, minimal sound…).

Thanks to the quality of its productions, Modelisme prove it honours its place in the european electronic minimal scene. After a collaboration on the Modelisme 4 with Steve’O’Sullivan, owner of Mosaïc (Uk), Modelisme guested on the n° 8 in june 2004, french talented newcomers 22 crew, composed by Kevin&Nhar coming from the southern France.

Modelisme 9, « So close, so far », out on january 2005 is signed by Electronic Data Processing. Two sides, two moods, from a minimal feeling to the dancefloor, the n° 9 meets numerous of good feed-back.

For this year, the label release its first cd mix production « Close to me ». Tracks have been selected and mixed by Sebastien Bromberger who guested some of the best artists of electronic minimal scene (Funky Transport, Rework, Minimal man, Booka Shade, Tekel, Michael Mayer, Jake Fairley and more…)
« Close to me » is scheduled for mi march/april 2005 and will be distributed also by Kompakt.

Modelisme Records

Marseille, Frankrijk