Sven Wagner - Are You logged?

Sven Wegner is rocking the clubs of Hamburg for quite a while now, he is resident DJ at the Stromparties inWaagenbau and part of the liveset 'hamburg deadline'. 'Are you logged?' is now the solo EP that we waited for so long by this original, published by Lebensfreude rec.

Sven Wegner is known outside Hamburg as well since he contributed an amazing remix of a Citizens feat. Girlzklub track to the third publication of the Berlin label Lebensfreude, being a solo-live project. 'Are you logged?' provides you with a versatile, cheeky sound: tough bass lines, playful rhythms and extraordinarily varying synthesizer tunes. Basically the goal of Wegner seems to be different, not to be a standard Laptop-Act who only works on one level. Either in being a part of 'hamburg deadline' or being a solo-live act, versatility seems to be important and for this reason he creates the most original sounds and in the end you'll have a mix of techno tracks and house elements, nubreaks and even pop elements maybe in form of vocal samples. The special emphasis of the 'Are you logged?' record is given to speed and dancability. Every track is pushed forward, without being in a rush though because they still keep their accuracy. Sven Wegner's motto is to 'kick ass'. Well, congratulation, you do!
Luister tracks op:

1 - A-side

  1. Keep on to myself

1 - B-side

  1. Stretch whupper
  2. Das klanggut