team cameltoe presents 02-11-2005

Team Cameltoe, four young men from Amsterdam and Utrecht, will try to make it to Dakar in an old Volkswagen Beetle and two Honda motorbikes. They also have an extra challenge: try to raise 15.000 Euros for a school project in Fantumbung, Gambia. For 75 Euros a child can go to school for one year. Team Cameltoe will try to give education to all 200 kids for one year. After finishing in Dakar, the team will deliver the money personally in Fantumbung.

The second of November Team Cameltoe will give a party in the Sugar Factory, Amsterdam. Goal is to raise money for the school project. There will be a lottery with many prizes, donated by companies and shops. After the lottery DJ’s Mason, Sébastien Léger and Marnix will bring you the finest tunes.


Sugar Factory
Lijnbaansgracht 238
Amsterdam, Nederland