Ask any night-time wanderer the directions to the old factory mill on the Leuven Canal and he'll take you there blindfolded. The industrial complex known as SILO has been the natural biotope for every self-respecting clubber for nearly a decade now.

The somewhat older club-goers will remember SILO as a small, regional discotheque way back in the early nineties. The previous owner had discarded the Italian showroom design to make room for a dance floor that throbbed to the sounds of Acid Jazz five times a week (those were the days!) – but that was a long, long time ago.

The club closed it's doors in '94 and remained so until FOOD blew a breath of fresh air through the dusty old factory mill.
By the end of the nineties we were treated to ten FOOD parties a year and SILO steadily started to pull in a more varied club crowd.

FOOD has now moved to Brussels leaving SILO to become an exciting and electrifying night club.

Vaartkom 39 - 3000
Leuven, België