In 1999 Maral Salmassi, who travels the
world as a DJ since the dawn of time and
is well known for running Konsequent
Records, decided to build the label "Art
of Perception" in order to be able to ex-
press her vision of electronic music in a
unique way.

The philosophy of Art of Perception is to
combine visual and sound elements from
the numrous niches of what is called new
media. With our first project "The Sound
of Warhammer 40.000" we took the first
step into a new era of crossover, which
made people not familiar with electronic
music so far open their musical horizon
and get interested in this kind of music.
On the other hand we tried to bring a new
aspect to electronic music and the people
who support by adding quite a different
and unusual content to the music.

"The Sound of Warhammer 40.000" is a
co-operation with the Nottingham-based
creative company Games Workshop, best
known for fantasy and science-fiction
miniature battle games like Warhammer,
Warhammer 40.000, Necromunda and
Lord of the Rings. Warhammer 40.000 is
the game of tabletop battles, where power-
ful warriors battle vicious and merciless
aliens in the far distant future of the 41st

The task for the artists involved in
this project was to conduct a unique
theme for a species from the War-
hammer 40.000 universe. This resulted
into a glamerous bunch of electronic
soundtracks, which represent the full
range electronica's musical range -
now conducted on our CD-Trilogy:

"The Sound of Warhammer 40.000"
Chapter I-III

We are currently preparing ourselves
for the next theme that will become
the next installment of our ongoing pro-
ject "Art of Perception".

More on that later. Stay tuned.

Art of Perception
Vor St. Martin 1
Keulen, Duitsland