u-cover records

u-cover is an underground electronic label whose main interests are giving music and artists a proper place to show themselves. based in belgium and having collaborators from several points on this planet, u-cover works on bringing fine electronic music to the audience worldwide. good music has no limits or owners.

u-cover releases cds and has its own vinyl offshoot inc.us where people can also find the music of artists releasing on u-cover. u-cover 40 is a special sublabel that brings 40 minutes of music on a limited edition disc.

nice packaging and design are also a part of our label. Stefan Alt is in charge of this great work. the cd packaging has changed three times, since release 11 we put out digipacks. leaving the carton sleeve with the u-cover logo and the plastic packaging behind.

not only in charge of the design Stefan Alt in cooperation with Koen Lybaert had created the project called lymph ltd. this special project is based on sounds, beats and/or breaks sent from artists all over the world and then manipulated, mixed and worked out by Koen Lybaert aka Starfish Pool. From this work a 12" was released every 2 months containing one or two long tracks on the A side and 30 locked grooves on the B side. Important names of the electronic scene have been collaborating with this project such as Kit Clayton, Holon, Quench, Llips., Passarani, L'usine, Funckarma, The Steve Mc Queen Trio, Sony-Mao, Scenic, Anton Price and Needle.

u-cover - strictly limited for a free mind!

Karel Geertsstraat 33/3
Antwerpen, België