Narrominded is run by Lars Meijer and Coen Polack. Both are members of the group Psychon Troopers and have their own projects. When they started Psychon Troopers it soon became clear that this was a productive band, so they decided to start a label to have a platform for putting out the many releases to come. The idea was inspired by prolific artists such as Sun Ra, Pete Namlook, Prince and Robert Pollard (Guided by Voices). To realize a great output Lars and Coen decided to use cd-r's because they are cheaper and faster to produce. Narrominded is now using vinyl and produced cd's for releases. Narrominded was founded in May 2000. The name Narrominded originated out of the name of Lars' tape-label, which was called Narrow-Minded.

Gevers van Endegeeststraat 10
Hoofddorp, Nederland