Music for Speakers was established by five acts who share a common view and attitude towards music: Aardvarck, David Caron, Madcap, Sandor Caron and Sonar Lodge have already been collaborating in various forms (live and studio) over the past years. Music For Speakers serves as a platform to release their adventurous, often melancholical, but always genre defying modern electronic dance music.

Far removed from the throwaway world of superficial dance culture, Music for Speakers is about breaking boundaries. It’s about popsongs, only different. It’s about exploring new rhythmic and melodic structures. It’s about artists with whom authenticity comes first.

Their music has been described as triphop, future soul, detroit, illbient, d&b, broken beats or nu-jazz, but none of these terms do them justice. Although these elements can be recognized, the result is always innovating, challenging and unexpected.
Therefor the only truly accurate description of their work would be: “…sounds like Music For Speakers”.

Music for speakers
P.O. Box 518
Eindhoven, Nederland