Mistress Barbara: MB02

Misstress Barbara haar tweede release op Trust the DJ! Haar reactie:
Looking at the cover of this second album I did for TrusttheDJ, I'm thinking that one would certainly wonder what is up with me and my shoes!! Well, let me explain you something about me… I do love fashion, but when making music, or when buying music, or when listening to music, I go by the sound of it. Rarely do I go by the looks… So this is what I try to create in the people that buy my music. I want you to look at it and not be able to think of anything else than to open the box and want to listen to the CD right away! Seriously, the whole cover is just a presentation, the rest is all about the music.

2002 has been a very exciting year for me. I have played in Europe quite a lot and have established myself much more in the whole European continent. This makes me extremely happy as I think Europe is very fun and most of the gigs really rock! Not only have I been introduced to many new territories I didn't know before, but I have also started being part of more crossover gigs which, before, I was only doing very, very occasionally. Now, it's not only all about those full on techno purist gigs anymore, but it is also more about gigs in house and tech-house clubs, which is a very interesting thing for me as it made me evolve towards a more melodic and deeper sound. Of course I still play that relentless drummy funky pumpin' techno you all know me so well for, but the cool thing is that you can now also hear a much more melodic sound when I play, which reaches a bigger audience and which I didn't do before. So, pumping but yet melodic and with some fashion tips, what more do you want?

About this mix now…. I have spent quite a bit of time editing it, re-listening to it and re-checking all the EQ's and levels and, I have to be honest, it is the first time in my life that I don't get bored of a mix I did, after two or three times of listen. I love it all the way, from beginning to end. It is 65 minutes of pure relentless mixing that never lets you down, composed by a mixture of hard loopy tribal tracks perfect to shake your booty and a mixture of more melodic tracks which have the function to let you breath a little while keeping your booty on the shake mode. I am very pleased with the track selection and I must say that I have been very lucky, and touched, in having all these great artists letting me use their music, as if the track selection would have been different, or even if the track order would have been different, I wouldn't have been as pleased with the final result. Some tracks in there are absolutely fantastic! I won't name them, as by now you should already be noticing them by yourself…

Enjoy, and see you across the planet!!


CD 1

  1. Marco Carola - A1 [Question #9]
  2. Alpharisic - Freash People [Wet Musik]
  3. Yaz, Preach & Miko - Yul Fuka [Misstress Barbara remix][Relentless #10]
  4. Danilo Vigorito - B2 [Conform #18]
  5. Danilo Vigorito Original Mix - A - side [Orion Music #1]
  6. Carl Cox - Bangbeater [TrusttheDJ]
  7. Renato Cohen - Pontape [Intec]
  8. Misstress Barbara - Ouch! My Liver! [Relentless #12]
  9. Rino Cerrone - B1 [Rilis #8]
  10. Danilo Vigorito - B1 [Southsoul Appendix #4]
  11. Luke Slater - Stars & Heroes [Adam Beyer & Henrick B Mix][Mute]
  12. Vince Watson - Aurelon [Misstress Barbara remix][Bio #11]
  13. Adam Beyer & Henrik B - Perfect Match [Drumcode #25]
  14. Koenig Cylinders - 99.9 [Selway Mix][Neuton]
  15. Andrew McLauchlan - Love Story [Bryan Zentz][Bush]
  16. Barbara Brown - Prendimi [Relentless #9]
  17. Tomaz vs Filterheadz - Sunshine [Intec #16]
  18. Misstress Barbara Never - Could Have Your Heart [Relentless #9]