Black Hole Recordings was founded late 1997 by Arny Bink and Tijs Verwest. It started initially as a private label for the productions and mixes of DJ Tiësto, who was getting more and more popular at the time. Due to the great succes of the first 2 mixcompilations, Magik One and Space Age 1.0, Black Hole decided to work with other dj’s and released In Trance We Trust 001 mixed by DJ Misja Helsloot, one of the first commercial trance compilations at the time.

After this, many other dj’s were interested in working with the label. Black Hole brought the world the first mixcompilations from now established artists as Stigma, Ferry Corsten, Armin van Buuren, Johan Gielen and many others.
With all these releases the label always focused on quality and originality, and now they can rely on a steady but growing fanbase in many different territories.
Besides releasing mixcompilations on compact disc, Black Hole also started releasing 12” dj food in the beginning of 1998. Once again with Tiësto as the main contributor at the start, many other producers were interested in releasing their tracks on one of the labels. Black Hole now has 10 vinyl labels, each having its own specific looks and sounds. Styles on these labels vary from epic trance to progressive club.

Over the years, Black Hole had some major hits in several territories. Recorded tracks by DJ Tiësto, Major League, Kamaya Painters, Dawnseekers, Vimana, Allure and Jaimy & Kenny D. have been caned by loads of dj’s all over the world. Tiësto now has sold over 300.000 copies of his mixcompilations, and the In Trance We Trust series has become one of the leading series in trance music. Black Hole talents DJ Dazzle and DJ Montana have full support from the label, and will probably gain world fame in 2002. Recent exclusively signed dj’s include DJ Jani & Fred Numf.

Black Hole is the host of the already famous Wildlife events in Amsterdam, which take place 4 or 5 times a year. Besides the residents, guests as Seb Fontaine, Guy Ornadel, Scott Bond, Judge Jules all headlined at these gigs.

It’s safe to say, Black Hole is always expanding its horizons, be sure to keep a close eye on our forthcoming releases and events.

Black Hole
Nieuwstraat 46
Breda, Nederland