Tinrib Recordings has been hammering out underground dance classics since 1995, from the days when the term Hard house hadn't even been invented, let alone championed by the music press! Set up by Jon Bell, or Captain Tinrib - the artist formally known as DR Base, or El Capitano, Tinrib set out to bring together all the best elements of house, NRG & trance to produce something new. A distinctive sound that was hard yet melodic, underground yet cheeky, with big sounds and saucy drums. We always aim to lead the way, not follow the trend.

Our number one aim is and has always been to keep pushing back musical boundaries and to give clubbers what they want ie. banging tunes that make you want to grin like an idiot and jump around in darkened rooms 'til dawn arrives! Every element of each release is finely to create something that truly reflects the attitude of Tinrib. It is not just the tune itself that is important. There is the actual sound quality to consider too. Here' s where The Tinribizer, and our professional mastering speakers come in to play. (Thankyou Genelec for creating such awesome speakers, even if we are now partially deaf!)

Then there is the presentation. If you have a blinding tune that deserves to be noticed why put it out there in a plain, dull old black sleeve? As you can see, we at Tinrib do not believe in subtlety! Our sleeves and labels are 4 colour, glossy and in yer face! You can't ignore a Tinrib tune on the shelves! If you check out the artists that have produced on Tinrib you will see that we collaborate with some of the most talented artists on the Hard house scene. Names such as Steve Thomas, Chris C, Max Alien, Karim, Superfast Oz (OD404), Oberon (Opal), not forgetting of course the Captain himself! They all have their own highly successful labels, but variety is the spice of life and we love it when they join us to add a little bit of Tinrib sauciness to the scene. We are always looking for new artists as well. It doesn't matter if it is your first attempt, if you have a demo that you think may just have the spark send it in. Just look at Weirdo, his first effort was Curva Peligrosa and that went on to be one of our biggest sellers to date.

If you are wondering how we manage to get our records to sound so loud and still keep the quality, that's because all Tinrib tracks are mastered through our very own Tinribizer.
Then, if vinyl is required, the Cuts are done at Heathman's in Chelsea, the home of Tim Dennen - The Best Cutter In Town!

As well as vinyl releases Tinrib have 7 CDs under our belts now, and another 2 on the end of our hook. We have the Fish Tales series, which are pure, unadulterated Tinrib nuttiness and have been mixed by Tony De Vit, Karim, The Captain & Max - The ALien Thing. And then there is our other series called Fish Grooves which are compilations of the best in Hard House that make the crowd go wild at are monthly club night FISH! Mixed by resident DJ Steve Thomas. This year we also took the unprecedented step of releasing a solo album by our exclusive artist Weirdo. After 4 releases that sold out in seconds and gained him a following of almost religious proportions there really was no option. ImInTouchWithYourWorld is a collection of the most insane heart stopping hard house and trance mentalism that will not fail to give you elusive that legal rush and it is in the shops now, as well as fully stocked on the virtual shelves of our new secure online store: www.tinribstore.com.
Tinribstore is our new secure ordering service. Things were going so well with our ordinary mail order that it became blindingly obvious that a complete overhaul was needed and after many sleepless nights sweating over his Mac The Captain is now fluent in geekspeak and we have a simple, efficient and easy to use online store devoted to all things Tinrib (vinyl, CDs, merchandise, tickets) and a couple other labels beside (Alien & Human Trax, & coming soon - Chug N Bump). So dust off your credit card and go shop for Britain! If you like our tunes and think you could handle a night out with us down the disco get your dappers on and join us on our Fish! & Superfish! club nites in London. We have an all resident lineup that really can't be beaten. On the ones and twos are : Steve Thomas, Dave Randall, Karim, DFQ, Steve Hill, Max Alien, Rubec and the lovely Simon Eve. But be warned - you must be totally up for it because communal plot-loss is guaranteed!

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Distribution of all Tinrib and Dirty House Grooves vinyl is handled by Amato Distribution along with many other labels of the same genre of music, so getting the very best in Hard Dance Music has just got even easier!

This year FISH! celebrated its third birthday and there was nothing for it but to pull out all the stops and av it larger than ever before at The Fridge in Brixton. Not only did our residents shake the foundations of the best venue in London, but for the first time ever The Captain & Weirdo teamerd up to bring London an hour and a half of total mentalism completely live. We guarantee there were no DATS in the house. The grand finale were fireworks, accompanied by a sea of UV ballons & streamers to the Captain's own special bangin' mix of Happy Birthday! An unbelievable night was had by all & we say a big thank you to all those who braved the petrol strike to help us celebrate 3 fantastic years of clubbing. Taking the Tinrib sound out there and showing people what it is all about is something that Captain Tinrib loves to do. And it seems that clubbers the world over are seriously up for it! In the last year he has conquered Holland, taken the Japanese to the brink of no return and brought the US to its knees! And to end the year he will be turning his attentions to Australia and New Zealand to check out the scene Down Under. The other big news for us recently has been the launch of the new Dirty House Grooves label. This is a different project from Tinrib, allowing The Captain, Steve Thomas and other artists a chance to try something new. So far the releases have tended towards the funkier, more vocal end of Hard House. But the third release was Dutch Disco trance and number 4 has a spot of tech house on the flip.
We are not limiting ourselves in any way so be prepared to be surprised……

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Tinrib Recordings Ltd,
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