club transmediale 2006

MAO main stage
Asiplus (CH)
Hanne Hukkelberg (NO)
Marc Marcovic (DE)
Volcano the Bear (UK)
Eric B W/O Rakim (DJ, DE)

MAO second stage
Burn Station (INT)

MAO lounge
Lecture Rene van der Voort (NL)
> "The Getty Address", a film by The Dirty Projectors/
James Sumner, USA 2006, 42 min.
> "Story Without End", People like Us/Vicki Bennett, UK
2005, 30 min.
Angelika Middendorf (DE) „…a thousand and one second [in space]*


Maria am Ostbahnhof
Stralauer Platz 33-34 - 10436
Berlin, Duitsland