4-Elements is now firmly established on the Dutch Dance Scene, and the people of Rotterdam have embraced the event as their own. The shockwaves that followed after the last 4-Elements made everyone sit up and pay attention. On a production level, the Ahoy had never seen anything quite like it, with a massive light rig and laser systems moving up and down the main hall, no one knew quite what to expect next. Musically we will be focusing on Hard Dance, Commercial and progressive house, Techno and lounge, with some of the biggest artists in each of these genres coming to keep the 4-Elements flame burning bright.


Ahoy Rotterdam
Ahoy'-weg 10, 3084 BA Rotterdam
Rotterdam, Nederland




  • Tygo


    8 September 2002

    Is iemand hier een x geweest? heb er veel van gehoord maar offut echt leuk is?

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