[quote=FunKi]A cultural clubbing event on the digital divide and freedom of expression. An eclectic interaction of music, debate, dj's, vj's, net-art and performances.

Part 1: Express the right to express
20.30u Debate on Privacy & Internet
21.00u Debate on Freedom of Expression & Art
21.30u Virtual launch computer game FunKi
21.35u Two parallel workshops by Coolpolitics and SINTLucas.

Part 2: Thursday Shuffle Special
23.00 and onwards
Main hall: Jeremaine S, Laidback Luke and Joachim and sophisticated video performance by VJ 23 (Mexico/Columbia)
Lounge: Dr. Sizzle

And on going throughout the Off_Corso the whole night an net art exposition, a chance to play FunKi on a big screen, chatting with an African virtual host, performances and more.


Off Corso
Kruiskade 22
Rotterdam, Nederland