Het Sonar festival in Barcalona vindt plaats op verschillende locaties. In 2003 waren dat:

Sónar by Day
A space for experimental proposals connected to other disciplines, including pop and the highly evasive dance music.

The lungs of the festival: bar, artificial lawn, sunshine and an active stage for ten hours running: a space for indietronics and relaxed dance music trends.

A sound laboratory where chosen labels display their production and influences.

Sound explorers only: experimental music without refrains or concessions within the exceptional surroundings of the ground floor of the MACBA.

More than 2,000 m2 of refreshing music, slightly related to the avant-garde and pop, right in the centre of the square Plaça dels Àngels.

A selection of showcases presenting a comprehensive look at the cinema of today linked to new technologies.

Sónar has reached its tenth edition. 10 Years Of Sónar is an exhibition that shows the evolution of electronic culture over the last ten years through the History of our festival.

Conferences and Debates
Round tables, forums and debates in orbit around the electronic music and multimedia universes.

A panoramic overview of new sound and audiovisual creation: installations, software presentations and audiovisual concerts.

Sónar extra encompasses all the exhibitions which, though they were not produced specifically for the festival, but by associate institutions such as Metrònom or the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona, will be shown within the framework of Sónar. Yet another option that brings us closer to new areas in design, installations and state of the art electronica.

Sónar by Night
An imposing esplanade that holds more than 7,000 people and is able to withstand the blasts of the most renowned techno and house DJs of the moment. The epicentre of Sónar by Night.

A medium capacity venue which will host the most atypical nocturnal programme, presenting derivatives of rock, futurist hip hop and experimental electronics.

The Sónar terrace during its night phase. For open air enjoyment of a menu of dance mingled with house, broken rhythms and good vibes all round.

The Auditorium of Barcelona
In a bid to broaden, redirect and diversify the festival programme by adapting novel and exceptional musical proposals to new spaces within the city, Sónar this year is working in collaboration with the Auditori de Barcelona, one of the emblematic venues of Post-Olympics Barcelona.

The traditional bumper cars with piped music from SonarClub: speed, lights, crashes and techno behind the steering wheel.

Diverse locaties in Barcelona

Barcelona, Spanje