muzzic 31-12-2004

Muzzic is Kozzmozz’ concept where the more funky, groovy electronic sounds are programmed. There are only two editions a year. One after the City Parade in Gent and one on New Years Eve.

The New Years edition will be held at the Café and Ballroom of Vooruit which makes a nice change from our usual spot in the concert-hall.

The formula is simple and effective: the leading figures from the Belgian (tech)-house scene are joined by a big name as well as an international upcoming talent. In the second room it all goes a bit more eclectic, without forgetting the house spirit and as a novelty we’ve added the good old chill-out room from before.

There once was a time when a big chill-out was part of every big party. A place where smooth & relaxing yet strange music was played, full of spacey sounds. It was a place where you could cool down after hours on the dance-floor without having to leave the party atmosphere. And that’s what Muzzic wants to do with the third room, after a suggestion from dj Norman Bates, namely provide the people with a bit of rest without falling quiet completely. The old ambient and experimental music ( base for lounge, hip hop, … ) you hardly hear anywhere anymore so this seemed the perfect occasion the get those records out of the closet.

So if you want it all, powerful house-music, eclectic grooves and spaced out tunes, there’s only one place to go to start your new year with a bang : join us on Muzzic 2005 !!!!!

Room 1 Electronic (Tech)-House & Acid House : Planet Dance
Josh Lasden ( Nightflight, Muzzic )
Prinz ( Café d’Anvers, Lum Recordings )
Sycophant Slags aka Mr. C vs Francis Harris - 5 hour set
(Sex on Wax, End Rec, Matterform – London / New York )
Fred Nasen ( Visitor Records, News )
Seba Lecompte ( Soundattack, Eukatech )

Room 2 Eclectic grooves & house : Groove Planet
Millennium Kru feat. MC Jay ( Daviz & One87 / Red Zone)
Moodlex feat. MC Ebony ( Swax Music, WGW)
4T4 ( Ultrasonic7)

Room 3 Electronic ambient & chill-out : Planet Spaced Out
Eerik ( Barumba, Funk You!)
Launch Cake Live ( Funk You!)
Norman Bates vs PsyTox ( Young Talent Corner )
E-phonk (Red Room )


Sint Pietersnieuwstraat 23 - 9000
Gent, België



  • Goedie


    28 November 2004

    Line-up was iets veranderd en heb het aangepast :).

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