The average party animal won't leave his home for 'an ordinary party' anymore. Therefore we locate our events at a place that draws attention. The returning events with the theme 'Three DJ's in a boat' are a phenomenon that attracted entire 'dancing Holland'.
The return of 'Three DJ's in a boat' will take place in Rotterdam on the 14th of August.

Saturday the 14th of August, after the FFWD Dance Parade, the 'Ultimate Reunion' will take place on the largest event ship in Europe, the Ocean Diva. With a length of 86 meter and a width of 16 meters this ship may truly be labelled as the largest.

No one less than Armin van Buuren, Markus Schulz (Miami) and Remy will take place behind the decks during the night. Techno, trance and house, all streams will be played to satisfy the enthusiastic crowd. And for the ones who want to get a breath of fresh air there is a large roof terrace of a 100 square meters.


Ocean Diva

Onbekend, Nederland