Line-up: Shane, Montana, Pavo, Marco V, TomCraft

Crete is preparing itself for a Dance phenomenan: Flowerz WorldSessions.Flowerz Worldsessions is a postmodern Dance concept that believes in the philosophy that music has no boundaries. Music has brought people together and broken down cultural barriers since the beginning of times. 4 open air festivals will take place at the magnificent venue in the mystique landscape of Crete. Set in visually breathtaking environment across the sea and the mountains Flowerz promises 8 hours of uncompromised party atmospherics. Approximately 5.000 square metres of dance floor will be dedicated to a variety of sounds ranging from club, progressive, hardstyle, and techno, as showcased by the finest international DJs. The area will incorporate state of the art technology in both sound and light systems. Also featuring the regular transport and extended venue facilities, Flowerz is designed for a maximum sensory impact. Our aim is to keep Flowerz WorldSessions as comfortable as possible. The organisation is represented to you by two respected organizations from Greece & Holland. Both have been a major force in the global dance music scene for the past couple of years. Throughout the year the organization has been cooperation with local authorities & organizations to make Flowerz WorldSessions of an even greater global impact. So be sure your eyes are sunglassed if you are there for the suberb Cretan sunset! Be part of an essential universal music experience, be part of Flowerz! Such a good vibration


Kriti Arena

Kokkini Hani, Griekenland