Synch Festival will be held at the Lavrio Technological and Cultural Park (TPPL), a complex covering a big area, which also includes the first energy production plant in Greece. The Park was created through the efforts of the National Technological University of Athens for the conservation of the mining and metallurgical complex of the French Mining Company of Lavrio (GEML), the first –and now preservable- industrial center of modern Greece. The result is a renovated building complex of huge historical, architectural as well as aesthetic interest which includes the Arts and Crafts-Industrial Educational Museum.

The exploitation of a former industrial plant for cultural purposes constitutes a challenging venture for the organizers while at the same time functions as an attraction pole for the visitors. The selection of the Lavrio Technological and Cultural Park aims initially at the visitors getting together in an exceptionally interesting environment both from a natural as well as a scientific and technological point of view. Through Synch Festival, at the Lavrio Technological and Cultural Park, the old and the new can meet in an attractive counterpoint between the electronic sound and the digital application show and the natural history of the area.

By presenting an alternative suggestion for cultural events in the 200,000 square meters of the Lavrio Technological and Cultural Park, Synch Festival wishes at the same time to contribute to the creation of conditions allowing for re-creating the contact between the specific area and the greater area of Lavrio with the urban web of Athens.

Lavrio Technological & Science Park

Athene, Griekenland