Jorik (22.00-23.30)
Jorik is a fresh talent who is specialized in mixing the old and the new together in one smooth stream of music. His style is broad and varies from club to trance and techno. Also known because of the OxMixes.

Mischa (23.30-01.30)
Resident Phobos DJ Mischa will continue by putting his Armin van Buuren/ Tiesto-style progressive and trance on the wheels pushing the crowd to a new level of extacy. He is also resident of Digitally Imported and Club 4.

Folkert (01.30-end)
The finishing touch will be done by Folkert, experienced as he is in making the partypeople completely mad with his style that lies between trance and hard-trance. Folkert is also Phobos resident and has had performances together with DJ's as Ronald Molendijk and many more.


Drienerlolaan 5
Enschede, Nederland